In the last few days of the term, Margaret River Primary students converged on Gnarabup to help replant the bushfire devastated dunes as part of the Plant a Tree by the Sea Project.    Students were bussed down to the site where they were assisted by the Bushfire Recovery Working Group and Cape to Cape Catchment volunteers to plant the  1 200 seedlings  (300 donated by the SW Catchment Council, Surfside Church) and the rest bought through the Premier’s bushfire recovery funding.  Students were split into two groups as they arrived, rotating between replanting primary dunes on the beach with pigface cuttings and replanting the burnt out dunes with local indigenous seedlings.  The area was a forest of blackened sticks on a white soil base which looked quite inhospitable, with dust flying through the air in the windy conditions.  Volunteers were amazing as they readily dug holes and showed students how to plant the seedlings deep to trap water and provide a wind barrier for growth.  We marvelled at the fresh green shoots defying the odds amongst the blackened stems and hope that these seedlings will flourish and help heal and restore this beautiful coastal environment.  Students will be giving Mother Nature another helping hand next Thursday when they plant trees at Leeuwin Estate.

  Bushfire Replanting at Gnarabup on PhotoPeach

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary; Slideshow dubbed by Sasha H. in Room 6


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