Kitchen Lesson – Term 3 Week 6 

On Friday the 30th of August our class had kitchen. In kitchen we made soft tacos with Mexican beans and Guacamole.
Kitchen Garden By Year 4 - T7 9At first Sarah explained to every group how to make it, Kiki and I (Ava) are in Amazing Apples, as well as Travis and Max N. Kiki’s mum also came to help. Each group chose their head chef. This week Travis was the head chef.
Sarah gave each head chef a checklist of all the ingredients. I cut the onions, I cried a tiny bit but Mark cried as soon as he saw the onions. Then we got all the spices: oregano, cumin, smoked paprika and freshly ground pepper. We put the tomato passata and all the ingredients into the frying pan and then we let it cook for about 10 minutes.
Kitchen Garden By Year 4 - T7 10
Each group worked with another group.
The Amazing Apples worked with Marvellous Mushrooms. Marvellous Mushrooms made the guacamole and Amazing Apples made Mexican beans and soft tacos.
We started eating it, it was so yummy, we loved it. Kitchen is a really good place to learn how to cook and it is really fun to do with our class and Sarah!
Written by Ava C.

Garden Lesson – Term 3 Week 7

Today our class lined up at the garden gate then we sat down and listened to Terri’s instructions.
First Ava, Travis and I (Kiki) went to get some rakes and we started walking up to the chicken pen to do some raking. The other class had already done all the raking, so Ava went up to Terri and asked what we had to do. Terri told us to go to the chicken run and rake the ground.
Kitchen Garden By Year 4 - T7 11
We went down to the chicken run and started raking. Travis told Ava and I to make a pile in the middle of the chicken run. After we had started, Ava said we should move the pile. We moved the pile to the entry way.
Terri said we did an awesome job! Ava and I put all the dirt into a bucket, then we moved the bucket to compost pile 2.
Terri told everyone to sit down at the end of the lesson to hear how everyone had done.
Kitchen Garden By Year 4 - T7 12
Garden was really fun, like always. We love growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers with Terri!
Written by Kiki; Photos by Andrew Murray; Posted by D. Veary

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