Summer Rice Paper Rolls

On the first of November week 4 we made delicious summer rice paper rolls.

Kitchen Creativity From T14 15To make them we used: –
• Rice papers
• Vermicelli noodles
• Veggies like capsicum, carrot, lettuce, red cabbage, cucumber, spring onions and much more.

For the sauce we used: –
• Sweet chilli sauce
• Soy sauce
• Lime juice

Kitchen Creativity From T14 16In this lesson we had to use ‘bear claw’ knife grips, to chop the vegetables.  Leo’s eyes got sore from looking at a spring onion and chilli for such a long time!

Kitchen Creativity From T14 17The rice papers became floppy after they were in the water for 20 seconds. However we learned that if it was in the water for too long, it would go soggy and unusable. We soaked noodles in hot water for about 15 minutes.

Kitchen Creativity From T14 18

Afterwards, we filled the rice paper rolls with the cooked noodles and chopped veggies.

Kitchen Creativity From T14 19

At the end of the lesson we sat outside in the fresh air and ate our delicious summer rice paper rolls with our sweet sour and spicy sauce. (It was a very healthy meal!)

Kitchen Creativity From T14 20

Sarah told us that our lesson was the quietest lesson we had ever had!

Kitchen Creativity From T14 21

Written by Ruby R, Dusty O. and Leo C; Posted by D. Veary

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