Glorious Garden News

The students in T14 have been very creative in their reporting on Garden.  They responded to their experience in the form of acrostic poems, which you can enjoy below.  Great job, Ms Campbell and T14! (The Editor)

Glorious Kitchen Garden News from T14 13

Great children cut green leaves in garden bed 37.
Riots of leaves overlapping like trees!
Even the garden frog was asleep in the leaves!
Eating and munching on yummy goods that WE have harvested.
Nothing more than 2 dollars for each batch of 15.

Long stems getting snapped and cut with elastic bands on top.
Everybody helps to keep the garden healthy and growing like a BEAST!
A lot of fruit and vegetables harvested and turned into food with love.
Very sassy chickens get assisted to their newly clean pens to lay their eggs.
Everything to get done, no matter what happens on the day.
Smiling faces in T14 after their jobs were done.
(Poem written by Mia B. 7/11/2018)

Glorious Kitchen Garden News from T14 14

Planting Purple Basil today was fun,
Under the giant lemon tree.
Running around getting garden tools.
People from T5 chattering while Kaid, Lucy and I were working.
Lots of straw was in the bed and in the way.
Eating little bits of mint on the way.

Glorious Kitchen Garden News from T14 15

Mischievous mulch did not want to come out of the pile.
Up, up and away! The mulch got shovelled into the wheelbarrow.
Lots of mulch was transported back to the garden path.
Crunch went the mulch as the shovels were pushed into it.
Helping with the mulch today, was fun.
(Poem written by Ruby A. 7/11/2018)

Glorious Kitchen Garden News from T14 16

Marvellous Toadskin Melons were planted in the garden today; they were labelled and stuck in pots.
Enormous piles of mulch were shovelled into wheelbarrows and the mulch was taken to the garden and paced near the lime tree.
Lovely Terri has a beautiful garden that we get to do great fun amazing jobs in.
Only one chicken has nothing wrong with it because of the others; one is losing its feathers and the other sits down for way too long,
Not all classes do as much as we did today!
(Poem written by Tahli H. 7/11/2018)

Glorious Kitchen Garden News from T14 17

Glorious Kitchen Garden News from T14 18


Poems written as shown above; Posted by D. Veary; Photos by T14 students