This week’s Garden report is from T9 Journalists: Olivia, Daisy and Katie (photos)

In The Garden With T9 25

Lemon picking

In The Garden With T9 26Have you ever walked into the garden and realized just how many lemons there are and wondered how we could use them? Well the lovely ladies from the kitchen garden came up with a brilliant idea! We could juice half of the lemons to use in cooking! 

In The Garden With T9 27

Radical radishes from T9 got the job of plucking the lemons from the tree. Most of the lemons were up high so the kids were helping each other by getting boosts upTeamwork! 

In The Garden With T9 28

Next, we went into the kitchen and got to work. We sliced the lemons into halves while someone juiced the lemons into measuring cups. When all the measuring cups were full, we poured the juice into jars to 1 cm from the top, all ready for it to be used in the kitchen. 

In The Garden With T9 29

After that it was time to leave the garden for the fortnight. Goodbye garden! 😊  

In The Garden With T9 30

Written by Olivia H.


Harvesting Water Chestnuts

In The Garden With T9 31How many of you have ever tasted a tangy water chestnut?  Last week T9 harvested water chestnuts and had a taste after harvesting and washing them. 

In The Garden With T9 32First we gathered soil from the chestnut bed into a bowl.  Then we added water and dug in our hands, feeling for the chestnuts.

In The Garden With T9 33It was very brown and muddy and felt soft and gooey!  It was yucky, but some people enjoyed playing in the mud.

We harvested millions of amazing water chestnuts.  They were all colours of brown, reddy-brown and black with white inside of them.  We took the water chestnuts to the Kitchen for the Year 4s to use.

Written by Daisy L.


Making Cocodamas

In The Garden With T9 34Did you give Dad Father’s Day gift that was totally awesome and unique, healthy and edible? Well Terri had the great idea of putting edibles in kokodamas and putting them on the MRPS Honesty Stall 

To make them, we use wet sphagnum moss, string and of course, soil! 

In The Garden With T9 35

First, we get the soil (with the plant in it of course!) and pat it into a sphere. Cover it in wet sphagnum moss and wrap the string all around it! Simple! Let it dry for a few minutes and you have your very own kokodama!  

Written by Olivia H.


Sweet Strawberries

What’s your favourite fruit?  Strawberries of course!


Today in Garden we planted strawberry plants.  My garden group planted about six plants in garden bed 26.  We are looking forward to seeing some red juicy strawberries soon.

In The Garden With T9 36

Written by Daisy L.


DIY in the Garden

by our gardening journalist, Olivia H.

Written by KG Journalists: Olivia H. and Daisy L; Photos by Katie C; Posted by D. Veary

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