Img_5061 (Small)The students at MRPS are a generous bunch. They donated a hair raising $750 for Crazy Hair Day. The money will be sent to the Leukemia Foundation for much needed funds in the search for a cure for children’s Leukemia. The students looked “crazy” as they all embraced the challenge that was put forward.

“Raising funds for the children is what it’s all about,” quipped Lulu, Year 5. “This is one of my favourite days of the year!” ” Everybody’s hair is crazy!” squealed Mirikai, Year 2.
Img_5073 (Small)
Leah Anderson of Year 6 even shaved her hair for the cause in front of the entire school and raised over a whopping $1000! Way to go Leah!!!!

Mr. Madden is super proud of all the students as they have shown empathy towards the children who are less fortunate than us and displayed our core values.

You can appreciate their enthusiasm and creativity in this slideshow of the “crazy hairdos”.
Crazy Hair Day 2015 on PhotoPeach


Written and photos by Mr. Madden; Posted by D. Veary

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