Kitchen Garden 003 (Small)Tuesday the 17.2.2015 we had our first Garden lesson. We learnt the rules of the Garden such as don’t pick something unless you are asked and don’t eat something unless you are asked to.

Kitchen Garden 004 (Small)We were given a clipboard and a piece of paper to write down the types of fruit and veggies that we knew, and the ones we saw. We all knew plenty of fruit and veggies.

Kitchen Garden 005 (Small)After that we went and sat in the shade and discussed some of the fruit and veggies that we had written down that we knew.

Kitchen Garden 009 (Small)Lastly we went for a silent walk and our teacher Miss Angell pointed to the plants and asked us to name them:
lettuce, eggplant, beetroot, pears, tomatoes, olive trees, onions, thyme (herb), capsicum, zucchini, pumpkin, pineapple sage, strawberries, rhubarb , edible flowers, corn, Cucumber,  fig tree,  lemon,  watermelon and basil.

Kitchen Garden 002 (Small)

Two people collected the eggs from the chickens. Sometimes we will be able to take the chickens to the day run and take them back. Unfortunately Ang, our teacher for garden, was sick so our teacher taught us.  It was amazing fun.

Kitchen Garden 011 (Small)I’m sure we are going to really enjoy doing gardening all year.

Written by our new Year 4 Garden Journalists, Bella B and Meg L. IMG_5123 (Small) [They received their Kitchen Garden Journalist badges at the assembly on Monday.  Fantastic job, girls! from Mrs Veary]

Written and photos by Year 4 Journalists, Meg and Bella; Posted by D. Veary