Img_6931-SmallAnd the winning team was …… Canada!!

Year 6 students returned from a very successful camp today to come to grips with the nuts and bolts of building their gokarts.  The oval was packed with parents and students working together to build gokarts – not just any gokarts but gokarts with attitude and style. Each team built a gokart to represent their chosen country and the creativity was impressive.  You will appreciate the work which went into the build and their team racing strategies from these photos before and during the race.

Img_6912-Small Img_6913-Small Img_6915-Small Img_6919-Small Img_6921-Small Img_6922-Small Img_6924-Small Img_6926-Small Img_6927-Small Img_6929-Small Img_6896-Small Img_6897-Small Img_6898-Small Img_6899-Small Img_6901-Small Img_6902-Small Img_6904-Small Img_6905-Small Img_6906-Small Img_6907-Small Img_6909-Small Img_6910-Small Img_6911-SmallWhat a great culminating event after a successful Year 6 camp!  Hats off to parents, helpers and teachers for their time and effort.  🙂

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary



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