Last Friday’s fourteenth annual Go-Kart Building Day saw the oval and undercover areas (due to the early rain) filled with Year 6 students and hard working parents, busy creating go-kart masterpieces! There were no Ben Lecsens present and no ‘winged keels’, but there certainly were a number of ‘secret weapons’ which surfaced as the designs took shape.

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MRPS Deputy Principal Campbell Madden said

Once again we are thrilled with the response to the event by school community members. About 70 parents and friends worked tirelessly with over 100 of our students to produce amazing, creative machines that look very professional.

Year 6 teacher Troy Yates explained:

The design and building of the go-karts is part of the Year 6 Energy Inquiry Unit. It allows teams of students to work cooperatively to design and construct their karts using recycled materials, thereby providing a sustainable means of transport. The go-karts are put through their paces in a series of races on the school oval to see which are the fastest, strongest, and most durable and energy efficient designs.

On Tuesday the school stopped for the ‘race of the year’ to decide the Go-Kart Champion for 2013! Teams raced in a series of heats, cheered on enthusiastically by supporters (many of whom were parents who’d helped build them) and the winners were presented with trophies to mark their team’s success, at a presentation ceremony after the race. The spirit of sportsmanship was evident throughout, and especially in the award of The Mark Webber Trophy to John Mottershead for his sportsmanship and helpfulness to all. The Show ‘n Shine Trophy went to “Cool Runnings” and the Go-Kart Championship Trophy went to the winning team, “Mimolajo” with aptly named team “Pegasus” in second place, team “Fleuros” in third place and team “Flaming Rabbits” in fourth place.

And so, the go-karts were wheeled home at the end of the day to go-kart heaven where runners and drivers can relive the day…until next year when stories and design tips will be shared again for the 2014 event!

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Written by G. Gibbon and D. Veary; Photos by G.Gibbon and D. Veary; Posted by D. Veary

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