IMG_5627 (Small)This term our Year 5 Kitchen journalists, Lulu G. And Emily C, interviewed T3 students for “Give Me Fives in the Kitchen” after their cooking sessions. Two of the dishes they cooked were: Tomato Tart and Salad and Rice Paper Rolls – both perfect for a summer picnic this holiday.

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Junior chef comments on the Tomato Tart were:

“The trickiest part was chopping the tomatoes because they were so squishy.” – Holden
“I really enjoyed going to the garden to get oregano and thyme.” -Ziggy
“Garlic was the most interesting ingredient because it was fun to chop.” – Jasset
“I learnt to chop herbs really small and to cut the baking paper in a circle.” – Bailey.

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Junior chef comments on the Rice Paper Rolls were:

“The most challenging part was rolling the rice paper roll because it was sticky.” – Maddilen
Ziggy thought the paper felt slimy when it was wet.
Josh B. enjoyed cutting up the finished rolls.

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And Holden summed up everything when he said:

 “Today I learned how to make a mess, but also how to make it yum!”


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Great interviewing, girls, and we look forward to hearing more from “Give Me Fives in the Kitchen” next term!

Written and photos by Lulu G. and Emily C; Posted by D. Veary

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