A huge thank you to these two very responsible and reliable Kitchen journalists, as this is their last post.  They have learned other skills like how to take useful photos for the posts and how to make sure they encourage their peers to contribute comments, as well as garden and cooking skills.Emily and Lilli – we have really appreciated the way you have shared T3’s Kitchen experiences with our school community.  Thank you.  🙂

Mrs Veary

We are combining our last two Kitchen lessons in this post, so it will be a bit longer.  In the first part, we created a variety of seasonal salads made from whatever was ready for harvesting in the garden.  First we went outside and collected leaves and then we washed and prepared them for our creations.  Some of the salads also had omelette mixed through them.  They were all yummy!


IMG_6012 (Small)

IMG_6002 (Small)

IMG_6018 (Small)

IMG_6017 (Small)

IMG_6019 (Small)Now for the second part, which was our last Kitchen lesson!!

Final Kitchen for Year 5 T3 for 2015

IMG_6023 (Small)Today we cooked gingerbread men, lovehearts and stars.
IMG_6021 (Small)
Lilli thought the trickiest part today was rolling the dough and Emmy learnt how to unstick ginger dough from the table!

IMG_6027 (Small)
IMG_6025 (Small)
We all really enjoyed eating the gingerbread men and Grace thought they tasted gingery and really yummy!

IMG_6024 (Small)

IMG_6022 (Small)
Emmy and Lilli said:

I am pleased to have a kitchen garden program running at this school.  I am more pleased to be a part of the school blog.  Kitchen is learning to cook, create and to work as a team.  All thanks to Mel for teaching us wonderful things in Kitchen!

Written and photos by Emily C. and Lilli C. ; Posted by D. Veary

I think they have summed up the way students feel about our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program really well!  Thanks to Mel for all her amazing ideas and organisational skills and we wish her a good first term off next year.  🙂


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