Give Me Fives In The Kitchen - T12 9Today we made bread rolls, Baba Ganoush and Dukkah. My favourite part was baking the bread rolls because of the smell when it came out of the oven. The taste was like what it feels like when it is your birthday. I felt like my group did a great job and got everything done. They helped each other with what they needed to do and got it done well. I wouldn’t change anything!   Written by Blair

Other students said their favourite part was ……..


…when I made the dukkah. It was really good with the oil and bread. The bread was soft and warm and it smelt amazing!

Give Me Fives In The Kitchen - T12 10


…when we sat down and tried new things. It felt soft and lumpy when I was feeling the dukkah. I saw a white powder and black.


… mixing the dukkah altogether. It smelled awesome. My group was really excited about doing this. I felt really organised. I think my group felt full of beans about doing this. At the end it was very yummy but at first it tasted weird. Then it was yummy!

Give Me Fives In The Kitchen - T12 11


… crushing the salt and sesame seeds because it felt crunchy. I could see it was mixing together. It smelt like popcorn and it tasted crunchy.


… the baba ganoush. It felt tingly in my mouth. I could see salt and pepper. It smelt like pepper and hummus. It tasted like hummus with some lemon. It sounded squishy.


…was when I was cooking eggplant. After waiting for nine minutes, one of the other groups had already set the table.

Give Me Fives In The Kitchen - T12 12Mrs Clark:

Thanks Sarah for an awesome cooking session! I am proud of the way our class worked together to achieve a wonderful result.

Photos and comments collated by Geoff McLeod; Posted by D. Veary

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