Give Me Fives In The Kitchen - T11 7This week in Kitchen we cooked some delicious Indian food including Red Lentil Dhal, Indian Flatbreads, Rice and Spiced Cauliflower. Our cooking teacher, Sarah, made a delicious Mushroom Bisque using the oyster mushrooms from the mushroom box that we grew in our class recently.

The Indian flavours were amazing and you could clearly smell the turmeric, ground cumin and garam masala.  At the end of the session our school principal, Mr Thomas,  came and joined us for a feed.

Written by Will D. (T11); Photos by R. Downling; Posted by D.Veary

Give Me Fives In The Kitchen - T11 8

On the 22nd of August, the Year 5 students from T11 took a break from school work to enjoy our school’s kitchen garden. We all have our own work groups with healthy and inspiring names: The ‘Amazing Apples’ and ‘Crafty Capsicums’ had a big job to do that day.  We filled wheelbarrows up with soil and topped up the school’s strawberries beds. We also had to refill our year 5 classroom flower beds and pots that now have new tomatoes growing in them.

The ‘Terrific Tomatoes’ had the job of getting rid of the roots bound in the soil of the chook run and preparing it to fill a wine barrel with earth. Later on, one of the other classes planted a mandarin seedling in the wine barrel along with other citrus trees.

Give Me Fives In The Kitchen - T11 9

It was a really fun garden lesson and everyone worked hard at their jobs. But, even though we were working hard – that didn’t mean we didn’t make some mistakes!  Some of the students had filled the wheelbarrow too full and it tipped over onto its side, and we had to shovel all the soil back into the wheelbarrow!  Also, one group left the chook run gate open and the chickens escaped.  (We got them back in the end – pheww…)

Written by Daniel.H. and Sarah.C.(Yr 5, T11); Photos by R. Downling; Posted by D. Veary

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