You need to visit this site regularly to read about the exciting competitions we will be running as we get ready for our big B.O.T.V.C. night at Leeuwin!

There is a prize for each correct comment before the next assembly to answer this question:

What exactly do the letters B.O.T.V.C. stand for?

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Mrs. Veary 🙂

17 thoughts on “GETTING READY FOR B.O.T.V.C.

  1. Amber T5 says:

    Sorry Mrs Veary!! I made a spelling mistake on the word Burning! It means Burning Of The Vine Cuttings!!

    That’s okay, Amber. I deleted the wrong spelling comment
    Mrs. V

  2. Brooke D says:

    I think it means Burning of the Vine Cuttings

    Remember to use your first name AND room number.
    Mrs Veary

  3. HOLLY C AND ELLA G says:

    we think B.O.T.V.C. stands for burning of the vine cuttings

    Great work, girls, but remember to use only your first name and your room number.
    Mrs. Veary

  4. evahroom4 says:

    We had to look back at the last school newsletter, but finally figured out what the “C” stands for. Does BOTVC mean “Burning of the Vine Cuttings”? I can’t wait to perform in the choir at the festival with Ms. Helen on November 7th!

  5. Ms Westlake says:

    Hmmm…I think I know this one! All you kids know it, too.
    Hint: Think back to BOTVC poster competitions in past years, and the exact wording you used.

  6. HARRIET RM5 says:

    I think b.o.t.v.c. means burning of the vines compertion

    You are VERY close, Harriet. You need to rethink the c. part….
    Mrs. Veary

  7. Gabe Adams says:

    Good question Mrs Veary. I wondered the same thing when my children started going to Margaret River Primary School.

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