31 thoughts on “Room 14 Challenges the Rest of the School!

  1. mrpslibrary says:

    Brooke D! What good eyes you have. Kid Number 4 and Kid Number 5 are the hardest ones to recognise. We knew NOBODY would guess them. Or will someone surprise us?

  2. Phoebe S rm1 says:


    Hmm…interesting. A full list – I’ll let Ms. Westlake answer this one.
    Mrs. V

  3. mrpslibrary says:

    Number 4 is Sam! Well done if you recognised him! So the last unknown one is Number 5. Who is it?

  4. gmcleod says:

    Well Done Room 14!
    I believe the faces are of
    1. Sam
    2. Finn
    3. Madi Rose
    4. Cuba
    5. Brosie
    6. Jazmin
    Am I correct?

  5. mrpslibrary says:

    Mr McLeod has nearly all the correct names. All, except for Number 5. And now I can tell everyone that Number 5….is SOFIA!!!

  6. Amber T5 says:

    I think this:

    4.~Is it Cuba again?????
    5.~I have no idea, you tricked me!

  7. Bonnie H T2 says:

    1. Sam
    2. Finn
    3. Madi Rose
    4. Cuba
    5. sofia
    6. Jazmin
    really hard not when you know a lot of people!!!!!!!

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