master chef 6 (Small)Our Year 5s have been busy mastering their cooking skills in the kitchen this year.   Mel has given them some incredible life skills and cooking understandings.  We will be featuring some of their lessons on this blog which includes feedback from the students.  We hope you enjoy the “Give Me Fives in the kitchen” segments as they occur.  Editor: Dawn Veary 🙂

master chef 7 (Small)

Recently our year 5s tackled the annual challenge of competing in “Masterchef” in the kitchen.    This is where all teams cook the same recipe.  The winning team is judged on the criteria of: appearance, taste, texture and teamwork.  Year 5 T7 results were: 1st place – Cool Carrots; 2nd place – Brilliant Broccoli; 3rd place – Terrific Tomatoes.

master chef 4 (Small)

master chef 3 (Small)
master chef 5 (Small)

This is what some of our aspiring T7 chefs had to say and as you can see that both Mel and Ian Parmenter were judges,  the standard was pretty high.

Maybelle B said:

The trickiest and most challenging part was making sure that we had the right ingredients and castor sugar instead of icing sugar.


Shaya H said:

I really enjoyed the way my team and I worked together.


Sonny said:

It tasted nice but sweet.


Fred S said:

The best ingredient today was icing sugar.  It makes things taste sweeter.


Sarah W. said:

Today I learnt how to make lemon slice with lemon juice.


Below is the recipe for Lemon Slice.  View it in the Scribd webpage by scrolling down the right-hand bar and you can view fullscreen too. They had lots of fun and all look really engaged!  🙂


Lemon Slice by DawnV13

Photos and ‘in the kitchen’ support from Lil; Written and posted by D. Veary