Eq Support For Parents 3These EQ (Emotional Intelligence) resources are available specifically for parents to help them better understand issues that may be affecting their children either at home or in the school environment. The books focus on areas such as anxiety, self esteem, building positive thinking, managing prepubescent girls, raising boys and social networking. Hopefully parents will get some ideas and suggestions that will help both themselves and their children. I would like to continue adding to this important resource for parents throughout the year.
Parents can borrow these books from the School Library, under their child’s name.

Written by Carey Jose;  Photo and posted by D. Veary


  1. Susie Ormonde says:

    What a fabulous idea. The more accessible this type of material is for all of us the better we will be. The better we are, the better our community is, and the better our community is……………..and so it goes!

  2. Linda Stanlake says:

    Well said Susie!
    Putting the time into becoming as informed as possible will be hugely beneficial.
    A great investment into our childrens future.

  3. Anya Seabourne says:

    Understanding and working with Emotional Intelligence is essential for all us parents, and all of us human beings! It gives us a language and ways in to dealing with all the ups and downs of raising children and seeing our own growth that parenting can bring. Our children also benefit greatly from having this language and these skills because that’s what it is- a set of skills and ways of seeing that help us get along with each other and know ourselves. Hopefully more and more curriculum time will be set aside for it at school. Pick up these books and take away the parts that are useful and meaningful to you and share it with your kids. Thanks for the initiative MRPS.

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