Our canteen has gone digital!  They are now QuickCliq members and you can benefit by registering and using this digital tool to order food for your child easily from home.  Gone is the need for the last minute dash to the canteen before school to fill in a brown paper bag order and make sure you have the right cash available.

I spoke to our Canteen Manager, Desiree Gibson, about this innovation and she said that just that morning, 49 orders had come in via QuickCliq.   Since introducing this style of ordering, she said that

  • they have had more orders in a day which means that sales are on the increase

  • lots more healthy food is being ordered than before

  • canteen staff have to do less ‘money counting’ at the end of the day, and

  • this program could be seen as an ‘online helper’ for canteen staff.

So, if you’ve been thinking about trying it, just follow the instructions on the poster and support your school canteen.

Digital Orders of Delicious Food from our Canteen 3


Written and posted by D. Veary