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We’ve been zooming though the year, and a touch of luck has came to our chickens at Margaret River Primary School, for these three chickens have laid their first eggs.

Today the class was split into two groups. One group was harvesting and the other group was planting.

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The planting group were planting yummy spring onions, cute baby butterhead lettuce and green cos lettuce.  I think it made everyone in the planting group hungry.

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Meanwhile the harvesting team were hard at work picking broccoli for kitchen. They had to remember to pick the plump ones without yellow buds.

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How amazing is that, our chickens have laid there first eggs. Not only one, but four eggs! Susie must be thrilled about their achievement.

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What a week, first all the planting for Spring and the brilliant harvesting, but those chickens will be laying a fortune of golden eggs! Well we can’t wait for the next fortnight.

Written and photos by our T3 Journalists: Lulu G and Emily C; Posted by D. Veary

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