This Friday Jude Sheerin will cook her last lunch orders as MRPS Canteen Manager.  Jude started as a volunteer helping out in the canteen eight years ago when she had a son in Year 5.  She had recently moved into town from Dunsborough and thought this would be a good way of doing what she loved (cooking) and getting to know people.  It obviously worked and four years later she became canteen manager.  Jude says she has “…loved the job and enjoyed being part of the community and getting to know families in town.” 

She said one of the best things about the job was the interaction with the kids every day and that “the Year 1s are so young and sweet that they make you smile all day.”  Jude said that our canteen has always had a healthy food focus and decided that if she had to choose one recipe as a favourite, it would be the moist and delicious Fruity Muffins.

Jude is sad to be leaving and says she will miss all the lovely women she works with, but she is looking forward to her new job, working at a gallery/gift shop in Augusta.  She is handing over the reins to the new canteen manager, Julia Haworth, who also started as a volunteer in the canteen. 

This week, Jude was officially farewelled by Rhonda Norrish at Monday’s assembly and thanked for her valuable contribution to our school and students in her role as Canteen Manager.  We wish Jude all the best in the future and know that she will be missed.




  1. Eve Bluntschli says:

    I’m sure we will all miss Jude’s smile, sense of humour, warmth, dedication, and of course yummy food. Its always been a pleasure to volunteer in the canteen because of the great company that she and the other staff provide. All the best and see you in Augusta Jude! Eve

  2. Brad French says:

    Many thanks Jude, enjoyed working in the canteen as being one of the dads it can be a bit nerve racking but you all made the experience a good one. All the best in the future and look forward to bumping into you in Augusta sometime

  3. Miriam Lochore says:

    Thank you Jude for loving all the kids and for doing a great job. All the best for the future.

  4. Lee-Anne Townrow says:

    Good Luck Jude – you are such a friendly, positive lady and your beautiful smile will be missed in the canteen and around the school . Happy adventures in Augusta.

  5. Anya Seabourne says:

    Thank you so much for the personalised care you have shown our children Jude, its been great to know you would look out for kids that need a hand with lunch, and many other things too! Enjoy the next part of your life and we appreciate you being an ever-friendly warm face at school. Take care, from the Seabourne-Carlins.

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