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This year’s Year 4 Garden Journalists are Lulu G. and Taya R. in T4, who will be writing about garden news for this blog.  Here is their first article about the garden after T4’s foray into the Kitchen Garden last week.

Planting Begins For Year 4s

The year fours are now working in the garden. It’s T4s week this time in the garden so let’s see what they’ve been up to!
We first were divided into our kitchen groups which are Terrific Tomatoes, Radical Radishes, Crafty Capsicum, Brilliant Broccoli and Cool Carrots.

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Crafty Capsicum and Terrific Tomatoes were on a mission to harvest the fruit and vegetables that were ready to be harvested. Meanwhile,  Cool Carrots were having fun planting chives and Swiss chard, while Brilliant Broccoli just loved laying carrot tape. But what was Radical Radishes up to……?  Planting herbs!
[By the way, carrot tape is a carrot seed inside two pieces of wet paper sandwiched together.  This makes it easier to plant the small seeds.]

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We all had great fun in the garden. Everyone was thankful for Susie and the garden! It looked like Kohan and Emily had the best time of all and it looked like everybody enjoyed themselves working in the garden for the first time.

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This is what some of our class had to say.

Terrific Tomatoes – It’s the best thing we’ve done our lives!

Radical Radishes – It’s fun and enjoyable working in the garden.

Many thanks to Ms Angell for supporting and facilitating this column in the School Blog. 🙂

Written by Lulu G. and Taya R; Photos and posted by D.Veary

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  1. Mel somerset says:

    Great article girls, it looked like the garden class was lots of fun.
    I can’t wait to hear more. Mel

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