Our Year 4 journalist team has increased and we welcome Lily M, who wrote the article this week.

Working Hard in the Garden with T4!

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Let’s go see what the Terrific Tomatoes have been up to…  Today the Terrific Tomatoes have been harvesting a variety of vegies. They have been harvesting red juicy tomatoes, tall green spring onions and shiny purple eggplants. YUMMY.

Img_4687 (Small)

Crafty Capsicums and Cool Carrots have worked as a team today, let’s see what they’ve accomplished… The Team of Crafty Capsicums and Cool Carrots were making signs for the vegies all over the garden – strawberries, eggplant, mint, cabbage, spring onions, beetroot and lettuce.  It looked like they had great fun!!

Img_4690 (Small)
The Radical Radishes were everywhere today even out of the garden because they had a very important job, watering! They got to water the blueberry bushes, pear trees, apple trees and strawberries and I’m pretty sure I saw so many smiling faces I lost count.

Img_4691 (Small)
Today Brilliant Broccoli’s were getting messy with liquid feeding all the young seedlings. (There was black liquid everywhere.) Luckily, everyone thought it was worth getting messy for and the girls weren’t too bad managing if they got it on their clothes!!

Img_4674 (Small)
I think everyone worked hard and we’re all looking forward to seeing the plants grow up next term.  The rain will certainly help them!

Photos and written by Lily M (T4); Posted by D. Veary

2 thoughts on “Breaking Garden News – part 2

  1. Natasha Gulley says:

    What a brilliant piece of writing, and the photos were appropriate for the text. I enjoyed reading every word of it, and look forward to the next article.

  2. Jocelyn O'Byrne says:

    Thank you for your beautifully written article Lily M. Its a pleasure to watch all of you Year 4’s thriving in this garden and kitchen environment. Well done to you all!

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