Better Beginnings for Kindy Kids 5

Rachael from the Margaret River Library came to visit the Kindy children last week as part of a Better Beginnings initiative. Better Beginnings is a Western Australian family literacy program that connects families with books through free reading packs. The goal is to inspire a love of literacy and learning for all W.A. children by encouraging families to read, talk, sing, write and play with their child every day.

As part of their literacy program a couple of days later, Kindy kids put this into action.  After listening to the story of The Three Little Pigs, the Kindy children were asked by Pinky the pig, to create a vehicle for him to escape from the Big Bad Wolf. Here are some of their plans and creations.

Better Beginnings for Kindy Kids 6

Written and photos by Mel Powell; Posted by D. Veary