A New Hybrid For The Kitchen Garden (Art And Garden Cross-Collaboration) 3

If you go down to the garden today, you’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the garden today, you’d better go check the tiles
For everyone that ever there was, will gather there for certain because
Today’s the day the Year 5s showed their artwork!

The Year 5 students have their new mosaic tiles hanging on the produce washing station, totally transforming a bare metal sink into a thing of beauty!

Here is the story behind the new mosaic tiles. This is a story of a cross-collaborative project between Art specialist, Sally Fawcett and Garden specialist, Terri Sharpe.  In Terri’s own words:

I suggested tiling the produce washing station area as it looked a bit dull. Sally then went about sourcing tiles and we agreed it would be a great project for the students to be involved in. Initially we had long thin tiles that the Lions Shed had given Sally for free, but they weren’t right. Through a collaborative process – mainly Sally’s amazing eye – the checkerboard idea was born. Students were only allowed to paint fruit and veg that we have grown/are growing in the garden. I provided Sally with a comprehensive list – it turned out to be over 100 edibles! It was Sally’s idea to move the fruit and veg off centre – genius! Students drew their choice of fruit or veg and incorporated the use of positive and negative space in deciding where to position their drawings.  They then used ceramic paint to paint their fruit/veg onto their tile, tiles were then all fired in an oven. Sally and I measured the sink space, we then received donated marine ply from Bunnings, Jason my husband cut it to size, Sally and I glued on all the tiles at my place one weekend, we then transported it to the school and Sally grouted it. We then got it to the garden and Jason glued and screwed it into place. It’s actually made from three individual pieces but looks like one. The result has exceeded our expectations.  It is outstanding. Well done to Sally and all the students involved!

This is how the story developed, in image form:

And I’m sure many of you admired their artwork on the Kitchen Garden Open Day last week!

Written and Photos by Terri Sharpe; Posted by D. Veary

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