2012 Choir Camp 7

Last week our MRPS Senior Choir travelled to Busselton where they participated in a singing workshop and performed in the Choral Fest at the northern end of our Cape to Cape region.  On Thursday 30th August, volunteer parents accompanied our “fabulous team of Senior Choir students” with Ms Helen and Mr Madden to the Seventh Day Adventist Camp School where students took part in a singing workshop, then performed in a concert that evening at the Camp School.

The following morning, the Senior Choir set off on their Choral Fest, performing songs including: Adele’s “Someone Like You”, “Sixty’s Dreaming”, “Shades” and “Col and Fugue Season” at Vasse, Geographe, Dunsborough and Margaret River Primary Schools.

On their return to school, choir members were elated.  The students have so much confidence and willingly stand up and sing before a range of audiences.  I asked a few girls whether they’d felt nervous or anxious and they were quick to reassure me that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience of singing publicly.

Emily S. said: “Choir Camp was very amusing and it was fun to get away from school for two days and sing!”
Georgia J. Said, “Choir Camp was so much fun.  Going to different schools and singing was amazing and the concert was heaps of fun.”
Kayla H. said, “We had so much help on camp thanks to parents and teachers as well, and without the, camp probably wouldn’t have gone at on at all.  I love camp.  It was so awesome!!!”

Our own MRPS students were treated to a taste of the Choral Fest at Monday’s assembly when the Senior Choir performed for us, singing: “Someone Like You” by Adele.  You can listen to them here.

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Photos from Camp Participants; Written and posted by D. Veary

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