Do you know how many fridges we have in our school? Well, we know because we did a survey about it.
Our goal is to turn off all the fridges for 2 weeks during the school holidays. If we do this, we will save more than 1.189 kg of carbon!
We actually have 16 fridges here at school, so we are producing quite a lot of carbon. On the last day of term, T12 will be checking the fridges, making sure they are clean and unplugged. The bad news is we have to clean fridges. The good news is we are cleaning fridges instead of work!  If you want to do this at home, because you are going away, ask Mum and Dad first!
Here are the simple steps you must take:
1.Take out the food. You could give it to the worms.
2 Defrost and clean the freezer and fridge, and
3. Unplug it and leave the door open, just a little bit.
If you want to help reduce carbon in other ways, you could:
  • Turn off lights
  • Turn off the car when parked
  • Turn down the air con by one degree
  • Ride a bike rather than drive
  • Shut down computers.
So as you can see, T12 is making a big difference to our carbon footprint.  We hope you can too!
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Written by Katie, Rosie and Harper (T12 students); Posters by T12; Posted by D.Veary

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