Carey’s Year 6 students took centrestage on our first day back, presenting a very polished and professional assembly about their inquiry into Margaret River Waste Management.  This is a video they made using Moviemaker of their investigation and suggestions for the Shire.  Go you good things!   😎


  1. Robyn Glasson says:

    What a fabulous presentation – clearly the culmination of an equally fabulous inquiry! You guys did a fantastic job on this and must have learnt heaps along the way. You all looked like you were getting right into it and having a ball, too. Great work, Carey & crew!

  2. dawnvea09 says:

    I was pleased to see that you celebrated with hamburgers. Some of you could come and cook at my place… You really deserve to celebrate after such an in-depth inquiry. We have all learned good habits from you.
    Mrs. Veary 🙂

  3. Eve Bluntschli says:

    What a fantastic presentation all of you. Looks like you all had fun and came up with some very appropriate suggestions for positive change in our community – what a great way to make a difference. Well done Carey and class!

  4. Dearne Parsons says:

    Absolutely outstanding!!!! I am over the moon that you learnt so much and had a fantastic time while doing it. You all deserve every credit that is given to you!!! WELL DONE GUYS!!!!!

  5. Sarah Perich says:

    I really did enjoy watching this movie and would like to congratulate you all on a job well done. Awesome work guys!!!

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