YEAR 6s FEEL THE CHILL 5Our Year 6 students took us on an exciting journey from surreal light shows caused by sun storms to the chilly realms of Antarctica at their assembly last week.  They shared an experiment they undertook to investigate thermal properties of a range of insulation materials.  Students designed thermal suits for ‘water bottle penguins’, then tested the success of their insulation designs by freezing the ‘penguin’ before taking its temperature.

To demonstrate clearly just how real their science was, volunteers (and Mr Mainard) were asked to stand on a sheet of ice in a tub with varying degrees of protection for their feet.  Poor Mr Mainard wasn’t given any protection at all, but he soldiered on and took the pain…


Here is a Prezi (slide presentation) by Max, Nic and Michael (MNM) from Room 10,  to share what they have learned about the Northern Lights. (To view Prezi, click the arrow to start, wait for it to load, then click MORE and select Full Screen.  Then play using the arrow.)

All-in-all, it was an informative and engaging assembly.  Thank you, Year 6s!

Written and posted by D. Veary; Photos by C. Jose; Prezis by Max, Michael and Nic

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