Last week Rooms 1, 10 and 12 students attended the Our Patch Presentation at the HEART. It is the culminating event for our Nature Conservation inquiry, which starts in Term 1. Our school was responsible for initiating a research project which would lead to better outcomes for our Margaret River catchment. This year the focus was on encouraging responsible pet ownership, to safeguard our native animals. We looked at threats and then brainstormed solutions. We heard from experts and then we got creative in how we would share our message.

At our assembly this week students shared their Powerpoint which formed the basis of our presentation. Below is a link to our Pets’ Pledge Page, which you can visit and make a pledge which will keep your pets and our native animals safe.

PET’S PLEDGE PAGE (Click to enter)

Room 10 were tasked with showing solutions for the impact dogs might have on our native animals. We made a movie based on the T.V. series “Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly” and you can view it below.

Written and posted by Dawn Veary

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