As part of their science-based inquiry earlier this year, Tracey Muir of Nature Conservation Margaret River set our Year 6 students a challenging environmental task. They had to work collaboratively to explore possible threats and challenges faced by our Margaret River Water Catchment and then, more importantly, they had to propose solutions and possible courses of action to ensure the health of our river.
Year 6 Bioblitz - Learning Made Real 9
Mr Harrison said,

This culminated in a major display and presentation of the Year 6 students’ combined work about the Margaret River Catchment at the AMR Shire Offices, together with other local primary schools.

It was a significant and very important project, and one that involved real learning with real outcomes and strong connections to our community.

This science-based project involved field trips to a number of key sites along the Margaret River to complete water-testing, and also to visit a number of land users along the Margaret River who were being proactive with a number of innovative methods to limit their impact on our river.

The program was coordinated by Environmental Scientist, Mrs Tracey Muir who works for Nature Conservation Margaret River. Additionally other local schools also presented their findings and included Cowaramup Primary School, Thomas Moore Primary, Montessori and the Margaret River Independent School.

Year 6 Bioblitz - Learning Made Real 10Our Year 6 students designed logos around the idea of ‘Our Margaret River: 2020 Vision’ to focus their presentation. Students were asked to think about the threats and dangers affecting our Margaret River, and were asked to consider ideas and action plans that are necessary to ensure the ongoing health of the catchment area.

Their presentation included the production of a large map of the Margaret River Catchment Area identifying key features, threats and dangers and solutions and ideas to protect the river. They used the ‘Six Thinking Hats’ to analyse their findings and ideas.

Year 6 Bioblitz - Learning Made Real 11Working with media expert, Mike Dunn, students set up a studio at school to produce a video which was shown at the AMR-Shire presentation (the final videos can be viewed on Mike Dunn’s ‘You Tube’ channel).

Additionally, science work booklets, a PowerPoint presentation, brochures, logos and wall charts added to the depth of our students’ findings and solutions which were on display to the public. Finally, a ‘Graffiti Wall’ was included asking for the general public to offer their ideas and solutions as well.

Year 6 Bioblitz - Learning Made Real 12School Councillors, Ben L, Tom U, Sara C and Annabel B spoke on behalf our school and explained our presentation, findings and suggestions to the large crowd in the AMR Shire offices, including Shire President Pamela Townsend, Deputy President Julia Meldrum and Councillor Peter Lane.

It is hoped that the AMR Shire Council will embrace, and consider the ideas and suggestions put forward by our town’s year six students.

Photos and written by Mark Harrison; Posted by D. Veary

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