Year 5 &Amp; 6 Swimming Carnivals - 2018 7On Monday 22nd October the Year 5 students and the Year 6 students competed in their Faction Swimming Carnivals. This year it was decided to split the year levels across the day to alleviate previous congestion and noise level, and from all reports the new format worked brilliantly.

Year 5 &Amp; 6 Swimming Carnivals - 2018 8The Year 5’s were first off the block in the morning and flew through their division races in record time. The Year 6 students followed in the afternoon session and their encouragement for their division participants was heartening to see. Great to watch so many students stepping up to the challenge of racing in higher divisions and the resilience displayed when called upon for ‘one more race’. Scores were close for the top two scoring factions. On Monday 29th October the Year 4 students will compete in their Faction Swimming Carnival.

Year 5 &Amp; 6 Swimming Carnivals - 2018 9A huge thank you to our parent volunteers for helping out on both days and a massive thank you to the swimming lesson teachers for volunteering their time on both of the days.

All results  and Champions will be announced at our next Combined Assembly on Monday 5th November.

Written by Liz Angell; Photos by Liz Angell and Mark Harrison; Posted by D. Veary

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