Our Year 7 guest journalists have done it again – keeping us up to date with what’s happening at the top end of our school.  Well done, girls! Editor

Giving Us a Sporting Chance 5

Every year in terms two and four, Margaret River Primary School runs school sport options for the years 4 to 6.  Students are given a long list of sporting options to choose from.  This year (due to the pandemic), the students and teachers were not able to participate in sport options for the first term.

There are loads of fun off and on-site outdoor activities that include Skating ,held at the Margaret River Skate Park, Boxing with Jacob, Volleyball on the school oval with Mrs Clark, Surfing with Josh Palmateer (owner of Margaret River Surf Groms), Cricket with Mr Yates, Yoga (held at Margaret River Yoga Studio) and Mountain Biking at the Pines with Mr Delfs and parent helpers. The main concept is to get students doing something active, whilst still having fun and having the freedom to choose something enjoyable to do.  With summer coming up, it’s great to enjoy the weather and get involved in some fun activities with friends and peers.

Giving Us a Sporting Chance 6

We interviewed some students and teachers to see what they thought.

We asked Will about Boxing, and he said:

It’s good!  It involves a lot of exercise.  You get to use punching pads and you’re involved in competitive activities.

We asked Courtney Gray about Surfing and he said:

Fantastic! It gets kids outside and gives them opportunities they wouldn’t have on-site.

We asked student Courtenay about Surfing and she said:

Surfing is really fun ’cause Josh is really good at explaining. The coaches are really involved and nice and make us feel safe out in the water.  They know if we’re struggling, and they help.

We asked Luca, Seb and Jesse about Mountain Biking and they said:

It’s fun and Mr Delfs, teachers and parent helpers are involved and excited!  I like the tracks and exercise.  There’s a track for everyone.  Sometimes we get to go down black trails (advanced) and we push ourselves a lot.  I feel this year is the best year ever!

So, its very obvious that all the students love school sports options and look forward to every Friday after lunch, to end the day with their selected sport.

Share the fun in this video clip including a few of the different sports options.

Written by Year 5 Journalists: Lucy, Tilly and Joey; Photos by Courtenay Gray, Liz Angell, Andrew Murray, Carey Jose; Video clips by Dan Morrison; Video by D. Veary; Posted by D. Veary

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