Last Thursday afternoon, Year 3 students caught the bus down to the Margaret River Weir for their river walk.  The excursion was part of their inquiry into local history and was organised by Tracy Muir of Cape to Cape Catchment Group and sponsored by Margaret River Rotary.

Students and a number of community volunteers organised by Tracy (environmental scientist Drew McKenzie, Smiler Gale from Rotary, environmentalist Rod Whittle and cultural custodian Zac Webb) gathered at the Margaret River Weir in the warm autumn sunshine.  They broke into groups (each led by a volunteer) to learn about the uses, past and present, of our Margaret River.   The walk began at the pump station where all could hear the water being pumped out of the river for local consumption.  This knowledge lent a new respect for the river as they began the walk. 

Students learned from Drew about the international travels of the Lamprey and how they use the fish ladder at the weir when spawning.  It was a valuable experience hearing first hand from our visitors about their connections to the river over time and everybody enjoyed the beauty and peace of the forest on the walk back down to Rotary Park.  We are really enjoying learning about “our patch”. 🙂

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