The Year 2s had a fantastic time on their overnight Wharncliffe Mill Camp. You can see how much they learnt about our local natural environment in the slideshow below and read what they thought of their camp. A huge thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who came along and helped.  🙂

I liked doing the blindfold walk because it was really fun trying to feel all the different carvings.   Harrison

I really liked doing the insect search because it was fun finding the insects and looking at them through a magnifying glass.    Jared

My favourite highlight was when I had a hotdog, but I was surprised by the spicy tomato sauce.  Inji

My favourite highlight was the blindfold walk because it was fun using our senses to smell the lavender and tea tree and touching the spiky rock on the ground.

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I liked the Sensational Trail because you are blindfolded and you follow the rope to feel things, smell things and sometimes jump over, or go under.  Tay

I really liked the early morning bushwalk where we saw the big old brick chimney.  Bushwalks are fun.  Harry

I had the most fun when we did the Sensational Trail because it was tricky. You couldn’t look because you were blindfolded. Luckily, you had a rope to hold onto.  Jeremiah

My favourite part of the Year Two Camp was where you had to find insects. I liked it because you could look up close through a magnifying glass.  Edward

I really liked doing the dancing on Friday evening at camp. I liked it when you had to stop then start again.  Kaycee.

Photos thanks to Dione Mottershead, Rebecca, parents and Claire Pendergast; Written and posted by D. Veary

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