Img_5675 (Small)While the rest of the school community were enjoying time out during the holidays a group of dedicated P&C members and parents volunteered their services to work on mulching the new Year 1 nature-based playground, designed and built by Andrew Hancock.

Img_5670 (Small)It was designed along the same principles as the imaginative PP playground, using natural materials of wood, stone and sand.

Img_5677 (Small)The playground incorporates sensory elements and promotes the development of balance and co-ordination within a creative and fun design.

Img_5686 (Small)Students explore on their own or congregate socially in the innovative spaces provided.

Img_5676 (Small)

Img_5681 (Small)Thank you to Andrew Hancock, our P&C and parent volunteers.  From these photos you can see that the student are all enjoying the fruits of your labours.

Img_5684 (Small)Written, photos and posted by D. Veary

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