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The Year 7 classes prepared for their cooking activity at the Rottnest camp. The 87 students formed friendship cabin groups, 17 in all. On Monday 11th November, one week before camp, the cabins were presented with some pre camp activities which they rotated throughout the day. One group experimented with the meal they had planned for the Rottnest Iron Chef night, while another group completed a bike and water safety induction and the third group worked on their Rotto Idol items. All activities were a success and contributed to the very high standards of meals cooked by the students and creative concert items for our idol night. Importantly, student behaviour on the bikes and in the water was exemplary and we were almost injury free.

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We would like to thank our students for their excellent behaviour throughout the camp. Our parent volunteers and staff worked tirelessly and made sure that everything ran smoothly and on time.
Our appreciation is extended to Margaret River Free Range Eggs for their continued support of donated eggs for our breakfasts over a long period and a special mention to IGA for the excellent quality of all the meat provided. Many thanks also to all the parents who sent along delicious, home made cakes, biscuits and slices for the students to enjoy at supper and throughout the day.

We would like to acknowledge the fantastic efforts that Roseanne Podmore has contributed towards the ordering of all of the food for our camp over a number of years. Roseanne has also been a volunteer on camp for many years and taken care of organising the meals as well as assisting with the daily activities of the Dugite group. For the last two years Roseanne has been unable to attend camp but has continued with the onerous and time consuming task of pre-ordering our camp food requirements. Her detailed notes and organisation set us up for a trouble free camp.
Thank you Roseanne……you are an inspiration to us all. 😎

The Year 7 Camp Staff

Written and photos by Geoff Mcleod; photos by Susie Ormonde; Posted by D. Veary

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  1. Mr K says:

    What another outstanding Year 7 camp! Congratulations to the teachers and parents who were involved and a special thankyou to the parents for having such great children. They were terrific througout the whole camp….I don’t think I heard one complaint about the 6.30am swim from the students (maybe from some of the teachers though!!). Well done Year 7’s!

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