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On Tuesday the oval was transformed into a helipad as the Westpac Rescue helicopter and crew flew in and landed, as most of our Year 4-7 students stood and watched.   The air throbbed staccato-like with the approach of the impressive Westpac Lifesaver helicopter, which suddenly materialised from the clouds to hover then slowly descend and land on our school oval.  Students stood expectantly and watched as the huge blades spun ever slower before finally coming to a halt safely.

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Mr K then invited students to gather around the helicopter, and they surged forward for a closer look.  The helicopter crew spoke about their machine and its role in rescuing people in distress at sea and their regular shark patrols.

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Amongst other things, the ‘highly trained crew’ are equipped to rescue people with boat emergencies and people caught in rips by dropping one of their crew into the water and then winching the person in distress up into the helicopter.  They are currently performing shark patrols along our coast daily.  This service is supplied by Surf Lifesaving Western Australia and you can read more about this service on their website SURF LIFESAVING W.A.

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary


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