Viva La Music At Mrps! 5
In his immortalised song “American Pie”, Don McLean sang
“…I knew I was out of luck/the day the music died!”
Fortunately, we are definitely in luck at our school and we’re about to get even luckier.
This week Eastwinds will be coming to our school to perform for students in the undercover area, as part of our whole-school Music program. Ms Helen would like to invite parents to come along too.
Below is a copy of the performance timetable over two days, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th, so you can see when your child’s class will be in the audience so that you can join in the fun.
Viva La Music At Mrps! 6
Written and posted by D. Veary

One thought on “Viva la Music at MRPS!

  1. Helen Collis says:

    They are absolutely fabulous and I encourage parents to come along join in the fun!
    There are displays of Eastwinds in the Undercover area created by students .
    Thank you to Amy M and Amy J for delivering the program.❤️

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