When food is what you do every day, what better gift to receive than a brand new stove. This gleaming stainless steel cooking factory was installed in our school Canteen in week 1 of this term and has already turned out heaps of pizzas, morning tea treats and lunch staples. Canteen Manager, Zoey, shared this photo of a recent pizza cook-up.

Turning Up The Heat In The Canteen And Kitchen 1

In the Kitchen Garden kitchen, Jodi said:

For the start of 3rd Term in the Kitchen Garden, we’ve been so lucky to have had 4 BRAND NEW OVENS installed. This is a massive improvement on the old ones, and we’ve already noticed how much quicker our dishes are cooking and the kids can actually turn them on without being confused by too many settings. The first dish cooked in them besides Mr Thomas’s party pies were Roasted Veggies with the Best Gravy ever!!  And yes…the kids ate ALL their veggies!! 

Jodi also says this is the most amazing gravy, and she’s shared the recipe with us below.

Turning Up The Heat In The Canteen And Kitchen 6

Written and photos by Jodi Hunter; Photo from Canteen by Zoey and Posted by Dawn Veary;

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