TREE PLANTING AT LEEUWIN 3MRPS celebrated National Tree Day this year on Thursday 2nd August. Around 260 students travelled by bus to Leeuwin Estate where Cape to Cape Catchment Volunteers were waiting to welcome students. They learned about the benefits of planting trees on the property and were shown how to plant the seedlings correctly. THe Cape to Cape Catchment Group provided the seedlings, including a range of local tree species as well as reeds which were planted to stabilise creek banks.  Students had fun while giving Mother Nature a helping hand after the recent storms. 

Many thanks to Genevieve Harron Smith from Cape to Cape Catchment Group, David Winstanley from Leeuwin Estate and Gary Gibbon for organising the event and a big thank you to all parents who went out with the students to help plant.

2012 Leeuwin Tree Planting on PhotoPeach

 Captions to slideshow created by Room 5 students: Alex, Angus, Jack and Gus


This slideshow shows another group of students planting reeds in a creek area to combat storm erosion.

Planting Reeds at Leeuwin on PhotoPeach


Photos by Gabrielle Clarke and Geoff Mcleod; Written and posted by D.Veary

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