Two by two they marched
down the pathway,
hands clutching
their precious treasure
tightly before them.
Two by two they came
down the corridor,
avo-green leaves
like parasoles, softly
swaying overhead.
And still they came…

Two by two…

Without any fanfare
Without any applause
They took their avo trees
and placed them, ever
so carefully down,
at the Office doors.

And that dear reader, is where you came last week to collect your special avocado tree, ordered as a fundraiser for the Kitchen Garden program. Last Thursday Terri sent over a hundred avocado trees for pick-up at the Office. Huge thanks go to Mike Skivinis of the Berry Farm, for growing, grafting and donating these trees for the fundraiser, and thanks also to Terri for the energy she puts into her role – and of course, to the students who transported them last week.
School Canteen manager, Zoe, collected her tree on Thursday. She said:
I was really impressed with how healthy and vigorous they are. I’m looking forward to getting mine into the ground and growing.
Mr Thomas also purchased a tree, and he said:
The best part about buying one of the avo trees?    Watching everybody speculate about which of the saplings was most likely to grow the tallest and fruit the fastest when they came to pick the tree that they would take home.  I hope I made the right choice when I selected our family’s tree!

He also thanked the Berry Farm for their generosity and ongoing support of our school.

And now after debating where to dig your big hole and plant your avo, in a year or so, you too should be enjoying this ancient Aztec delicacy, picked from your very own tree!

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Photos, written and posted by D. Veary

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