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Welcome back to our school blog! This may be your first visit or a return visit, but we’re so glad that you are here. This is your very own School Blog where you can read about, see and hear some of the special things that happen at Margaret River Primary. Whenever something new is posted here, you should automatically receive a short email letting you know. This gives you the chance to ‘dip in’ and read about it, or simply delete the notification.

You are welcome to interact by writing a positive comment, and your comments will come through Mrs Veary’s mailbox (Editor aka BigThingsHapn), before being published. I know our Kitchen Garden Pod Squad would love to hear from you, after you’ve listened to one of their fortnightly podcasts.

One of the benefits of having a school blog is that it allows parents who work away to feel more connected to our school community. It also gives students an authentic audience for their writing (as guest journalists) or for their podcasts (by the KG Pod Squad).

I hope you enjoy reading some of the back posts (especially some of the Music posts) by scrolling down, and I look forward to your future visits to this site.

Written and posted by Dawn Veary

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