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Margaret River Primary School has been providing high quality tennis coaching and instruction for a number of years to a large number of middle and senior cell students primarily through the  efforts of Mr Hickey, Mrs Jackson, Mr Yates and Lil Rochford with the welcome assistance of the Margaret River Tennis Club.
The success of the program has been recognized by Tennis Australia who invited our school to be part of its National School Partnership Program during the recent Margaret River Tennis Pro competition.
This partnership has already seen our school gifted with $1500 worth of specialized tennis equipment, as well as a special tennis coaching workshop provided for Mr Hickey, Mr Yates and Lil.
Further benefits can be gained by the school, through having its students register for a free t-shirt as outlined below.
TennisConnect: Financially investing more in your school

In addition to the $2 Playback rebate your school receives for each student who is registered for their T-shirt, an additional $5 reward will be offered for every student who verifies their details online and nominates your school as their preferred tennis deliverer. Your reward can then be used to access tennis related products or services for your school.
This is the preferred method  to get our school involved in connecting students to tennis and start building further rewards for our school. It is important to understand that this program is open to all students in our school and not just those who are involved in the tennis program.
Step One: Students register for their t-shirt by either
  • Claiming their FREE t-shirt via the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots website (
Schools are to encourage students and parents to go online and complete the simple registrations process
For completing this task, your school will receive a $2 Playback rebate for every student that is registered.
Step Two: Parents verify details online when requested
Towards the end of Term 4 2014, Tennis will send an email requesting the parents of your registered students to verify their details online.
If the parents action this request, verifying their child’s personal information and selecting your school as their preferred tennis deliverer, your school will then receive an additional $5 towards your reward total.

Written by Gary Gibbon; Posted by D. Veary

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