Due to the current restrictions on group gatherings in schools, classes were unable to meet in the assembly area to hear student leader presentations and vote for school councillors.  However, Mr Thomas found an innovative solution.  Using the Teams platform, speeches were streamed live into classrooms yesterday morning.

Teams Innovation To Elect Student Leaders 5

Students and staff sat in their classrooms and watched prospective student leaders present their speeches, live streaming from Mr Thomas’ office. They were then able to complete voting forms and by the end of the day, four new school councillors had been elected.

What an exciting moment it was for Reef P, Hugo T, Millie B. and Zoe C. as they walked into the principal’s office to be congratulated on becoming a 2022 MRPS school councillor.  Their huge smiles tell the story, and the buzz of excitement heightened as they phoned their parents to tell them the news.



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Written, photos and posted by D. Veary

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