T4 performed a play at their assembly this morning, illustrating the journey our waste takes from flush to finish.  We loved the part when all the recycled water rushed outdoors to sprinkle the oval.  They have worked hard in their inquiry “Earth Watch” and would like to share a few of their projects with you on this blog.

T4 Assembly 3

Students created their own environmental superheroes made out of recycling materials.  They wrote superhero profiles.   In the profile they had to write about the superhero’s most memorable adventure saving the world from litter and thoughtless people who litter.  Click on the MP3 arrow to hear about the superhero’s secret identity and his or her mission on Earth.  Well done, T4! 🙂  Make sure you only click on the ARROW!!

T4 Assembly 4
Hover Dover by Talia




Talia’s profile





T4 Assembly 5
Super Cycle by Mia



mias profile





T4 Assembly 6
Mega Ted
T4 Assembly 7
Recyclo Man by Chloe K
T4 Assembly 8
Inside Recyclo Man

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