Basketball Smarter Than Smoking 2013 003 (Large) (Small)Last week the South West Slammers held a series of basketball clinics for Margaret River Primary School students over two days at the recreation centre.  Besides running students through some skills and drills, the instructors who included Ty, Jae,  Carey and Grace-Lee also encouraged students to make healthy choices as they grew up, such as not beginning to smoke. Ty, who is the Slammers playing coach, also demonstrated to the classes some basketball tricks which included juggling balls, bouncing and spinning multiple balls and specialised tricks, such as the train and the spider.

Basketball Smarter Than Smoking 2013 011 (Large) (Small)

Year 3 students were amazed at the athleticism required when Slammers star, Jae, leapt up to demonstrate a slam-dunk.

Thanks to Gary Gibbon for organising the visit and continuing to expose our students to a wide variety of sports.


Written and photos by G. Gibbon; Posted by D. Veary