On Monday, Angela Ramirez (our AEIO) took a group of students on a special excursion to Ngilgi Cave to mark Sorry Day.  The day’s activities were organised by Josh Whiteland of Koomal Dreaming (click for link to website) and he gave the group a hugely discounted rate to support the excursion.  Angela described the day as follows:

We entered the cave in the morning.  Ngilgi is the good spirit that cleared the dark spirit out of the cave in a huge battle thousands of years ago in a place called Yallingup (meaning place of love). The Aboriginal people say that lightning, rain and thunder lit the sky when she battled the darkness and drove it from the cave out through the tunnel to the sea. Today her long hair can be seen as the Milky Way across the night sky.
We went deep into the belly of the cave and the kids crawled through a tunnel.  The crystal formations were fascinating.  Stalagtites and stalagmites abound.  After leaving the cave,  Josh took us to his Mia Mia made of paperbark and acacia branches.  He lit a fire with his fire stick (mar middi) and played didgeridoo whilst the children tapped stick and boomerang to be part of the song. He then smoked some kangaroo for us and fed us some crabs, smoked mussells and fish.  We ate quondong in our salad and really enjoyed the food he prepared in front of us.  He caught it all himself.
He talked about  country, about ocean and land and we learnt about tools and toolmaking.
It was an amazing day and we were all glad that we could experience such a great excursion for our Sorry Day celebration.
Thanks to our parents, Campbell and Jonelle for driving the children there and back.

And thank you to Ange for arranging this special excursion and Josh for making the day so special.  🙂

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Written and photos by Angela Rameriz; Posted by D. Veary