Img_1316S“Yummmmm….” said the students of MRPS. After the long holiday, the students will be spoilt with several kinds of foods and sweets to know what they like and dislike to eat. The aim is to learn to say I like and I dislike in the Indonesian Language.  Making the lesson more fun, Ibu Janice asked for volunteers from the students. The volunteers’ eyes were covered with cloth, so they wondered what was going to be eaten by them. On the table were lollies, coconut, mango jelly pudding, artificial food flavor and sambal(chili) accompanied with two glasses of water. Firstly, they were given some lollies to build their confidence. They absolutely love lollies.  Ibu Janice asked if they liked lollies and they answered saya suka lollies. Next, here comes the challenge! Ibu Janice had just a little bit of sambal for them to taste. The students screamed, “Yaaacckkkkkk!!! It’s hot, I don’t like it!” Then, altogether they said saya tidak suka sambal.  At the end, the students had a lot of fun and went back to their classes, having learned how to say saya suka and saya tidak suka.

-Pak Adrian-


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  1. dawnvea09 says:

    Pak Adrian – it sounds like students just have so much fun in Indonesian classes 🙂 You are giving them memories they will have forever.
    Mrs. Veary

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