Selamat pagi semua! Apa kabar? Welcome to our Indonesian cooking journal.

Ibu Janice has been telling the year 6 (T2) students since term 3 that they will experience Indonesian cooking if they behave themselves in LOTE class. Well, they did! On Thursday 21st of October 2010, when they walked into the LOTE room, the students were confused to see chopped and sliced veggies, cooking utensils on their desks. Ibu Janice told them that they were going to make Mi Goreng on the following Thursday, and she was going to show them how to make it. All at once, the students said “Yuuummm!!!”

Right away Ibu Janice started the cooking demonstration. First, she told the class which ingredients they needed such as mi (noodles), kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), sayur-sayuran (veggies), telur (egg), minyak goreng (cooking oil), etc. They were so excited and asked Ibu Janice if they could have a go at stirring the Mi Goreng, and put in the veggies and bumbu (seasoning). Ibu Janice let them take turns in stirring. Once it was cooked, Ibu Janice and I started distributing the Mi Goreng. Before they could eat it, they were told to eat with their right hand and to put their left hand under the table because it’s the custom in Indonesia. They enjoyed it so much and asked for more. It was such a good day! Can’t wait for next Thursday!

One thought on “Saya Suka Mi Goreng!!! (Vol.1)

  1. Ms Westlake says:

    You lucky kids! That mi goreng smelled fantastic! It’s great to have Bibi and Ibu Janice teaching you so much about Indonesia.

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