National Ride2School Day is Australia’s biggest celebration of active travel and one of the best days on the school calendar. It is a day full of fun and colour where students, teachers and parents discover the joy of riding and kick-start healthy habits for the future.

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What a lively morning it was as students arrived at school on Friday, wheeling bicycles or scooters off to park them for the day, faces beaming as they made their way to the undercover area for a freshly cut piece of fruit and to share travel stories with their friends.

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Others clutched skateboards under their arms, wheels still turning from their ride to school as they joined those who simply walked to school on Friday.

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It’s a day on our annual calendar which promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and one which is well supported at MRPS, as parent numbers on bikes nearly matched those of students.

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This is what some students and parents had to say:

Charlie G. said:

I like to ride to school because it’s fun!  It’s good exercise and it keeps you fit.

Zach’s aunty, visiting from the Eastern States, said:

It’s a great opportunity.  You can’t do this in Sydney.

Nicky Yates (parent) said:

It’s great and what a nice, sunny day for it.

Ryan Dunkling (parent) said:

It was one of the most pleasant rides we’ve had together.  Everybody rode in a line peacefully. We all really enjoyed the experience.

Thanks to Ms Angell for organising the event and to all those who helped cut up fruit early that morning.

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary

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